Want to upcycle old furniture? Mooch Style makes it easy – Smart As!

Ever wanted to upcycle or create your own home decor or furniture? That’s exactly what Christchurch couple Georgia and Shayden, bloggers at Mooch Style did!

When the couple first moved into a rental they recognised that buying furniture was expensive and wanted to add their own special touch to their home. They created their own project to upcycle old furniture – from bookshelves to seasonal themed decor – to make their home feel truly theirs. They decided to share their experiences and DIYs via their blog and Instagram, capturing audiences worldwide. Mooch Style became a platform for readers to interact with each other and custom design their own homes, with guidelines readily available for those excited to take the DIY plunge.

Their projects are easy to re-create and Mooch Style makes it easy for readers to find and purchase the tools necessary to redecorate their homes, often teaming up with other small business owners and sharing their decor to their social media platforms. Tasks such as turning your guest bedroom into a retreat can become easy and accomplishable. Using old furniture or decor to create something new and exciting is right up our alley – and great for the environment too!

You can try your hand at one of Mooch Style’s DIYs and get creative at https://moochstyle.com/. Smart as!

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