Ten Fold Engineering unfolding house

Ten Fold Engineering. The house that unfolds – Smart As!

Ten Fold Engineering is an up-and-coming housing development project sure to excite those who enjoy changing location but also prefer the convenience of their own home.

Ten Fold Engineering creates housing that features modular design structures which can be transported anywhere on a lorry and self-deployed at the touch of a button. – in less than ten minutes!

Their homes come ready-to-use and can be deployed at any location of choosing. They are created using versatile and durable materials and can be stackable and connectable on any scale – essentially allowing buyers the option to add on or reduce the size of their home whenever they feel inspired to recreate their living situation or need a change of lifestyle. Homes can be built for both residential and off-grid living conditions with technologies that aim to improve performance, increase agility and save time for their users.

Demonstrations of their self-deploying homes can be viewed on their website, with a range of design options that suit all buyers, from families to singles or couples. Could this be the future of housing?
You can learn more about the current projects at Ten Fold Engineering at https://www.tenfoldengineering.com/

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