Pacific Environments NZ. Pushing the limits of eco-friendly Architecture Smart As!

Pacific Environments NZ is an Auckland based architectural group dedicated to creating eco-friendly and sustainable buildings that push the limits of design.

Pacific Environments NZ aims to develop environmentally sensitive outcomes that act as a catalyst for the public imagination while preserving and enhancing the New Zealand environment. With over 50 years experience in the architecture industry, the team is widely recognised for their environmentally friendly and energy conscious designs.

The projects they work on are characterised into four categories; work, play, learn and live. Each individual project is worked on by the team of creative professionals who have since designed libraries, schools and residential homes – even treehouses have been designed and built! All their projects are designed with low-cost in mind while maintaining a low-impact status on the environment. The new Waiheke Library in Auckland is an amazing example of the large scale work this team is able to pull off!

Waiheke Library by Architects Pacific Environments NZ
Waiheke Library by Architects Pacific Environments NZ

If you’re looking for a creative and forward thinking architectural group,  you can check out Pacific Environments NZ website for more inspirational architecture! Smart As!

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