Flick Electric Co. – Innovation

At Bellamy’s we are inspired by people who are innovative; like to do things differently and who challenge convention.

That’s why we are are scouring New Zealand, to bring you the best innovative businesses and ideas to inspire New Zealand to do things differently. Now that’s inspiring.

Our first love we want to share is Flick Electric Co. New Zealand’s fairest power deal, through giving access to the wholesale price of electricity direct from the market hotspot. The business model is transparent (something we love!), passing on the costs of getting power to homes, without any markup and only charge a fee for being the retailer. An honest and fair approach.

There is also an app ‘Choice’ that provides a personalised portal, where every half hour of the day, users can monitor power usage and what the price is for that power. Ingenious and empowering. Now that’s something worth sharing.



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