00% naturally-derived, ethically-sourced and sustainable products

Ethique – A Kiwi beauty company that’s really Helping the Environment. Smart As!

New Zealand is a country full of consumers. We love to get our hands on the newest gadgets and latest trends. Even though we’re aware of the environmental damage all the plastic we consume is doing to the environment, it can still be difficult to find products we know won’t cause any harm, though we’re well aware of the environmental damage caused by our daily disposal of plastic.

One Kiwi entrepreneur has found an ingenious solution to combating the amount of plastic we toss out every year! Brianne West’s beauty company Ethique uses 100% naturally-derived, ethically-sourced and sustainable products. The beauty company creates solid beauty bars with biodegradable wrappers, which can be easily put in the compost and won’t cause any damage to the earth. Ethique began in Brianne’s kitchen, but successful crowd funding and support have opened up the doors to her Christchurch-based laboratory – and quietly taking the world by storm.

Ethique sells hundreds of solid beauty bars – including dog shampoo – made from all natural products; encouraging a conscious way of consuming! We love the effort Kiwis are putting in to promote conservation of the environment and reduce their waste and plastic – we’ll definitely be jumping on board with this idea!

Learn more about Ethique and their take on the environment at https://ethiquebeauty.com/

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