Makerhood, the Auckland community workshop changing the hood – Smart As!

Makerhood is a community workshop initiative in South Auckland created in 2016 aiming to create entrepreneurship and culture.

The maker movement aims to put power back into the hands of young people, inspiring them to create and realise their goals and dreams through community workshops and classes. Technology is used to influence the lives of younger people and communities to come together throughout Auckland to learn and work as a team.

Young people at the Makerhood community workshop are encouraged to tinker, fix and make stuff, rediscovering the art of making. The creators behind the initiative come from art and design backgrounds and aim to pass on their knowledge to the younger generation, including high school aged students. Upcycling products and fixing broken items have introduced a new form of learning to these students, who have since created furniture from tyres among other exciting projects.

The initiative allows people of all ages to network and work on projects together and could lead to further jobs or projects from the participants. Makerhood aims to have their workshops available all across Auckland, creating a community gathering where problem solving skills can be put to the test.

Inspiring youngsters and bringing the community together is a massive tick in our book. You can learn more about participating in Makerhood by visiting their website at

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