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The Auckland Community Fridge initiative – Smart As!

The Auckland Community Fridge is an initiative to help share excess food with people who need it.

“Take what you need and leave what you don’t” very simply put and a simple solution to a real problem.

New Zealand families throw away $872 million worth of food every year and cafes, restaurants and supermarkets also throw away millions of dollars of food every year.

Who and what can be left in the community Fridge

Individuals, groups, and businesses are encouraged to leave their food in the fridge, and anyone who needs the food can take it – for free. Open 24 hours a day and check twice daily by volunteers, it’s a convenient way for people to access whenever they need!

Obviously, there are rules around what can be left inside the community fridge, like for example, items must be free of mould, and tinned or canned food must be unopened.

Donation specifics can be found here.

Where is the Community Fridge?

The fridge is located in the new inner city community garden called Griffiths Gardens. It is located on the corner of Wellesley St West & Mayoral Drive in Auckland. As the fridge is located in a community garden, all unsuitable and leftover food is taken and used for composting. Brilliant!

The Auckland Community Fridge initiative is the brainchild of zero waste blogger Amanda Chapman, who was inspired by the community fridge movement that started in Spain and has since spread to England, Belgium, Argentina and Arab Emirates.

We LOVE this idea, and would love to see this idea grow into other communities around the country!

Supported by
Auckland Council Love Food Hate Waste Fund
Envision New Zealand

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