wei lun ha

Artisit Wei Lun Ha – Exploring ‘Fragile Nature’ in Auckland. Smart As!

July marks the final month of viewing for emerging Chinese artist Wei Lun Ha’s “Fragile Nature” mural in Auckland.

The Vietnam-born Chinese New Zealand artist Wei Lun Ha has taken up the challenge to create this ambitious 3m x 7m painting, drawing on the artist’s years of training in the ancient Chinese art of painting.

“Fragile Nature” is an exceptional example of how art can transform public-private realm spaces, creating memorable experiences for city residents, workers and visitors alike. The work was commissioned as part of South British Insurance Company Building Art Project, a rare initiative in New Zealand for a corporate entity, and has delighted Auckland residents and visitors alike over the past five months.

Wei Lun Ha moved to New Zealand at two years old and begun a creative career from a young age. Determined to overcome hand tremors that he experienced from a young age, Wei Lun practiced diligently for over ten years to achieve a level of accuracy in his fine arts practise. Wei Lun has won several art awards over the past few years, with work of his shown internationally, including in Poland. His art practice is based around his keen interest in eco-friendly issues and contemporary identity in Chinese ink paintings which is continually evolving and not easily reducible to definite categories. His art explores the ideas of personal stories in symbolic objects; diversity in cultural motifs; and gestures of fragility in life philosophies.

“Fragile Nature” is currently open at the The Lobby, South British Insurance Company Building in the Auckland CBD. We love the dedication and creativity Wei Lun Ha has shown in his work! Smart as!

See more of his beautiful Work on Artist Wei Lun Ha’s Flickr page.

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